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01 янв 2018

Нотариальный перевод с заверением за несколько часов!!! Обращайтесь!

21 ноя 2017

Выезжающему в Польшу на чужом автомобиле!!!



Professional Agency of Translators & Interpreters offers a full range of language services, from translation and interpretation to the notarization and legalization of documents. All works are done quickly and neatly, without delays.

Our translation agency provides the following services:

  • Translation of any documents, assistance in their notarial certification, legalization and apostillation;
  • Translation of texts on any topic, at any level of complexity;

Economic, technical, legal, artistic, medical translations in a professional manner. Translations of texts, reports, manuals, brochures, slogans, articles, press releases, websites and business communication. IT translations, translations in the food, chemical, biological, energy industry.

  • Premium-services: meeting and accompanying foreign visitors;
  • Assistance in the organization of business meetings and business events:


Press conferences;





Roundtable meetings;


Trainings and practical courses;

Master classes, meetings.

 Additional services

In addition to the specialized services, the Professional Agency of Translators & Interpreters offers you to solve the problem with the delivery of documents.This is possible thanks to our courier service. It includes:

  • The delivery of translated documents in paper or electronic format;
  • The delivery of ready documents at the doorstep;
  • The sending of documents by international mail;


English, French, German 6 Euros/1800 characters
Spanish, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Lettic, Serbian, Slovak 8 Euros/1800 characters
Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew 19 Euros/1800 characters
Apostille, Legalization 7 Euros/1 document
Organization of business meetings and business events From 100 Euros
Interpretation From 35 Euros/1 hour